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Stepper Motor



The stepper motor is the open loop control device which converts electrical pulsesangular displacement or linear displacement. Under the situation of unoverload, the motor speed the stop position only decided by the frequency of the pulse signalthe pulse numbers. When the driver receive a signal, it drives the stepper motor to turn to a fixed angle according to the fixed direction. We call it step angle. The rotation works step by step with the fixed angle. It can control the angular displacement quantity through controlling the pulse numbers to achieve the goal of accurate positioning. At the same time it can control the motor rotation speedacceleration by controlling the pulse frequency to achieve the goal of speed regulation

Part of Product Model

Stepping motor 28BH (2)

Stepping motor 35BHH(N)_2

Stepping motor 42BHH(N)_2

Product list-Stepper Motor

Model Phase Number of   phase(A) Voltage(V) weight(kg)
LT20BH series 2 0.26A-0.8A 3.6V-16.9V 0.05-0.08kg
LT28BH series 2 0.67A-0.8A 4V-12V 0.1-0.18kg
LT35BH series 2 0.3A-1A 3V-16.5V 0.12kg-0.3kg
LT35BHM series 2 0.28A-0.8A 2.2V-12V 0.12kg
LT39BH series 2 0.4A-0.5A 2.72V-12V 0.125kg-0.35kg
LT39BHM series 2 0.6A 5.4V-5.8V 0.25kg
LT42BH series 2 0.16A-0.4A 12V 0.2-0.26kg
LT42BHH series 2 0.28A-2.1A 2V-11.76V 0.2-0.45kg
LT42BHM series 2 0.4A-2A 2.2V-15V 0.24-0.4kg
LT57BH series 2 0.4A-2A 2.2V-15V 0.24-0.35kg
LT57BHH series 2 0.3A-4A 2.08V-9V 0.41-1.8kg
LT57BHM series 2 0.3A-4A 2.08V-9V 0.41-1.8kg
LT60BHH series 2 2A-5A 2.4V-3.9V 0.77-1.4kg
LT86BH series 2 1.25A-3A 2.5V-3.3A 1.5-3.5kg
LT86BHH series 2 3.5A-6A 1.6V-4.08V 1.7-5.8kg
LT110BHH series 2 5.5A-6A 2.88V-7.6V 6-11.7kg


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