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Servo Motor



Improvements in a servomotor including a retainer coupling an annular diaphragm having its outer periphery sealingly attached to the servomotor housing and an axially movable power piston within the housing. The piston has a boss axially extending through the annular diaphragm and an external flange extending radially from the outer periphery of the boss for positioning adjacent the diaphragm, the diaphragm and power piston forming two pressure chambers. A valve member is slidably and sealingly disposed in a bore formed in the boss of the power piston for regulating pressure in the pressure chambers. The retainer has an axially extending cylindrical seat in which the boss is tightly positioned and a flange radially extending from the seat for pressing an inner portion of the diaphragm against the power piston flange. A pin is retained in radially aligned openings in the power piston boss and the cylindrical seat of the retainer and a groove in the outer periphery of the valve member for coupling the diaphragm against the power piston flange.

Part of Product Model

Servo motor 60_2

Servo motor 80_2

Product list-Brushless Motor , BLDC Motor

Model Number of   phase(A) Voltage(V) Power Rating(W) Rated rotor   speed(rpm)  rated torque(N.M) Overall   dimensions(mm)
LT60SM400-30H1F-00 2.5 220 400 3000 1.27 132(182)
LT60SM400-30H5F-00 8.4 60 400 3000 1.27 132(182)
LT80SM750-30H1F-00 4 220 750 3000 2.4 144(164)
LT80SM1000-30H1F-00 5.3 220 1000 3000 3.2 193(213)

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