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E-bike Wiring |The power assembly settlement for Meituan sharing E-bikes

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E-bike Wiring |The power assembly settlement for Meituan sharing E-bikes


After the Bicycle sharing of OFO, Mobike and Youon, Meituan joined in this area with his huge client base on Both Meituan. Com and OFO client datebase.(Meituan.com (Chinese: 美团网; pinyin: Mĕituánwǎng) is a Chinese group buying website for locally found consumer products and retail services. The company was founded in 2010 and has partnering agreements with over 400,000 Chinese local businesses. Meituan accounts for the largest market share by revenue, followed by Lashou, 55tuan and 58tuan)

There are media reports 200 milo e-bike was bought in May 2020 with RMB 1 billion.

Meituan e-bikesMeituan e-bikes 2

Best-link joined this abundant on of the most important part: Power assembly wiring harness for lithium battery. We do 4 steps of improvements in wiring harness functional parts.

First generation product: the water proof fuse box with pluggable fuse

Sharing bicycle ask for an easy battery changing and resistance to bending. The design in the beginning was easy and normal as most of the e-bikes. But we do a first change as below:

  1. 1)    Fuse box, which instead of the tradition fuse that can be changed easily. This helps the sharing e-bike repairmen work faster and economical without harness replacement.

  2. 2)    RV wire for the battery side, but hard wire for the signal side covered by shielding layer. This is suitable for frequently using than personal owned bikes.

  3. 3)    Automatic lock plug. This is also the best plug on e-bikes. It was used to sustitude  the traditional insertion and extraction plug. The pull force which may accure a damage after frequently lithium battery changing. But this automatic make this easy.

  pulgable fuse box                              24-3



The second generation of upgraded products

The extending of the fuse box

When we using the harness, we found the fuse box part can’t be curved easily and some damage may happen when a “rude” operation. Our technician make a improvement as below:


pulgable fuse boxpulgable fuse box 2pulgable fuse box 3


We can see, The extending of the bottom line , protect the fuse box free when curve and fold.

The 3rd generation products

After a period of production, we did a further improvement.

Fuse box was upgraded on the outlook and more smooth for bottom harness also.


pulgable fuse box folding use 1     pulgable fuse box folding use 2



Till now, our team produced this e-bike power assembly settlement not only satisfied the fuction requests from clients but also did upgrading and rebuilding to make the products use safer, easier, more convenient and nicer. The project was our of our customer expecting and bring us more chance on e-bike sharing and high-level e-bike customers.

Below is the product link, click to review the whole prodcuts.






We can accepte any kind of factory inspection, fully enviorment protection methods and strictly security process was build up at the beginning when we build our factory.

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