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Brushless Motor BLDC Motor



A Brushless DC (BLDC) motor is a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with unique back EMF waveform that allows them to behave similarly to a brushed DC motor. Some confusion can arise from the name, as a brushless DC motor does not directly operate off a DC voltage source. However, the basic principle of operation is similar to a DC motor.

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Brushless motor 60_2

Brushless motor 70_2

Brushless motor 92_2

Product list-Brushless Motor , BLDC Motor

Model Phase Voltage(V) Power Rating(W) Rated rotor   speed(rpm) Rated torque(N.M) weight(kg) Overall   dimensions(mm)
LT60BL79-45L223-00 3 24V 45W 2300rpm 0.2N.M 1.5kg 79mm
LT63BLW33-40L220-00 3 24V 40W 2000rpm 0.2N.M 0.31kg 33mm
LT70BL45-90L230-00 3 24V 90W 3000rpm 0.3N.M 0.79kg 45mm
LT70BL99-120L218-00 3 24V 120W 1800rpm 0.6N.M 2.2kg 99mm
LT92BL115-150L212-00 3 24V 150W 1200rpm 1.2N.M 3.375kg 115mm


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